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Download Books is an exciting ebook online sales platform designed for independent publishers and Self Published authors
Just as publishers and authors of paper books have their books available for sale in many different locations we believe those same books should also be available for sale online at different locations as ebooks for readers to download on their computer, kindle, ipad or other ebook devices.

We believe books published by independent publishers and selfpublished books deserve to be sold at a location dedicated to those works.  Books published in this manner are truly books of passion and dedication and have not been put through the meat grinders that are mainstream publishers. Because books of independent publishers and self published books do not have the financial backing of the multinational publishers their works can often get lost in many of the traditional channels.

Obscurity is the greatest risk for Independent Bublishers and authors. Downloadbooks aims to reduce that risk.

Free ebook download samples introduce customers of Download Books and Selfpublished books to a virtual playground of new and exciting works of literature online.

Customers who want to read books on this website have a choice of downloading the book as an ebook, to be read on a computer, phone, tablet or ebook device such as an ipad & kindle.

Free ebooks download samples allows customers to read the first chapter of a book at no charge by clicking the “View Sample” download button on the E-Book page of the title.

We hope you have fun exploring our many and varied ebook titles available online for you to google.

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